Let It Be Me


Morgan Young is the big shot of the country music world. He has the world at his fingertips and girls falling at his feet, drawn into a life of seedy bars and racking up one-night stands like number one hits. 
But no matter how hard he tries, he can't get that one girl off his mind. 
The one who won't love him back.

Carina Cole has a love that gave her everything she could ever hope for. Treated like a queen, she has the stability she so craves. In a world where people were telling her who she should be and how she should act, Carina finds herself lost in her own lies, worn out with the gruelling task of convincing herself that she's happy. 
And she is.
So why can't she say yes to marrying him? 

With one of them ready to give it his all and the other running from her heart, will they find their happy ever after, or be destined to live a life of unrequited love?

Released: May 13th 2017