raven's nightmare

When the ground begins to shake and walls start to fall, will the king save his queen or risk it all?

Cameron “Raven” Evans is MC president and nothing can bring him down. Except of course his girl, Hailee. When his life, his club and his girl are all hanging in the balance, Raven must find out who’s behind it and stop them before he loses it all. 

Hailee James is the girl with the checkered past and the scars that remind her of it daily. Cameron saved her from a life of hell, but will his decision be the wrong one? Can he fix it before Hailee is destined to relive her past? Is history about to repeat itself?

Released: October 20th 2017


I didn’t want to be the President of an MC, I was happy to be the right-hand man and voice of reason. Life’s a bitch though and shit happens. Now I have to step into someone else’s shoes and take Raven’s position at the head of the table. What could possibly go wrong without my voice of reason?

Released: January 16th 2018


I’m an asshole. I never sleep with the same woman twice. I don’t do strings and always leave a trail of broken hearts behind me. I let few people close to me and those that I did, are my brothers. Except for one. There was something different about her but I still couldn’t change my ways.

There comes a time though where even the strongest of people need to walk away. I never thought I would see the day where I lost what mattered to me most. It was that cliche saying, “you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone”, but when your past rules your present, are you really capable of change?

I’d been holding on to something for so long when I should have been letting it go.

Now, I had to try and stop her from closing that door for good.

Released: August 5th 2018

Havoc's Temptation

Just when I thought things were quietening down in Fernando, a ghost from my past came in and proved me wrong. After being sent on a wild goose chase to the other side of the world, I found the last thing I expected to find. Guess it was time to shake up the Reapers one more time.


I never knew my father growing up but that was okay, I had the club if I ever got in trouble and needed anything. When someone walked into the bar with the answers that I never knew I needed, my only choice was to follow. Would that decision be my last though? Could I really trust him?

Released: 19th April 2020

Diesel's Choice

Love fucking sucked. Finding out the man I loved was in love with someone else, it destroyed me. When he left, I felt relived. I could ignore my heart and pretend that it never happened. When he comes back asking for forgiveness, it rocked my world. I couldn’t ignore the feelings anymore then I could ignore him. Would a second chance be too much for me to give him though? He handed me my heart back in pieces once. Would I survive round 2?

Released 19th April, 2020

Killing Me Softly

Falling in love was never my plan but when you grow up with your best friend, feelings were bonds were bound to form. I just never thought it would be with my best friends sister. 


When the unthinkable happened to her, I stepped up and became her protector. I would watch out for her when her brother needed me to. I kept my heart at a distance though until she was ready. 


Now though, I had been silent to long. It was time to make my move and put it all on the line.